Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reverberation Vinyl

If you've landed here, welcome to the inevitable world of Reverberation Vinyl... We're a record store in Bloomington IL, and this blog will function as a longer-form news feed to keep our customers and friends informed on new arrival vinyl, in-store performances, & more. Eventually the blog will be linked through our store website as the primary news page. This will also offer me the opportunity to spotlight featured artists in a more in-depth fashion, including mp3, video and photo posts. Reverberation is a vinyl-centric shop, offering new & used LPs from a wide variety of genres, but we especially love psych, soul, jazz, punk, shoegaze, horror soundtracks, tiny pressings from new bands, & much more. I try to offer a curated, selective feel at the store, and I hope the same will be true of this blog; I love music, and I love to share music, which is why Reverberation Vinyl exists. This is simply an annex to our brick & mortar location... more music, more information, new sounds and new experiences. Welcome in.

John Anderson

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  1. Awesome! Was listening to Crystal Stilts and Shapes Have Fangs vinyl I got from you this summer tonight. Many thanks!