Wednesday, October 3, 2012

These Wonderful Evils + Robert Bogaert (Independent Study) LIVE at RV Saturday

We will be continuing our fall live music series this Saturday, October 6th to benefit musicians & artists Dan Melchior and Letha Rodman Melchior. These Wonderful Evils (Chicago) and Robert Bogaert (Bloomington) will be performing at 4:30pm and 2:30pm respectively at Reverberation’s outdoor performance space this Saturday. $10 donations are encouraged, and all donations will go directly to Dan and Letha. We will also be offering a vintage clothing sale and specials on new & used LPs.

For more background on Dan Melchior and Letha Rodman Melchior, please review this recent article detailing their struggles with Letha’s medical treatment:

These Wonderful Evils, the work of one Zak Boerger, combine the raga-folk sounds of Bert Jansch & Davy Graham with the fuzz, reverb and drone of Spacemen 3, Jimmy Page and Ron Asheton. Recommended for those able to “join the dots between Stooges/MC5 through John Fahey and John Coltrane”, according to Volcanic Tongue. Returning to the site where recent LP “Little Church” was recorded, These Wonderful Evils play at 4:30pm this Saturday.

Robert Bogaert is a hidden gem of lost Illinois psych-folk-rock, according to those who have rediscovered his 1979 private press gem, “Independent Study”. While Bob has continued playing and recording at a pace which suits him, “Independent Study” has grown in stature amongst psych-folk collectors around the world and can be found on such influential underground LP lists as Nemo Bidstrup’s TIME-LAG Records missives. Robert kicks off festivities at 2:30pm Saturday.

Both artists will have music available for sale, and Reverberation will be offering copies of Dan Melchior’s new LP, “The Backward Path”, all proceeds from which will be donated directly to the artist.

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